WonderForce Zetsu Custom Katana Saber


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Watch Video: WonderForce Zetsu 

Wonderforce's latest custom saber the Zetsu features a black and silver grenade grip, recommended for usage with gloves. The body has 2 recessed subtle switches and a covertec charging wheel for easy access with the entire saber being able to break down into 3 different parts, the soundboard is also secured to the hilt with several modular quick connect electronics. 

An incredibly streamlined saber wrapped in a modern Tsuka Ito wrap with faux stingray skin provides an amazing appeal! 

Installed with a RGB v3 stringblade you can achieve a Color changing to the color of your liking alongside the smooth scrolling effect only available in string blades. Fitted with a 2W 8ohm speaker, the pommel enhances the sound to an extremely loud volume.


This real life lightsaber features a main power switch and a aux switch  for Color changing, blaster block and flash on clash effects. 




Hilt only, no electronics, blade, covertec recharge port etc. 

Zetsu is discontinued and replaced with the Tenryu!

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