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By purchasing an item, you agree to these terms and conditions as highlighted in the individual product order pages and the following

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  1. Additional Shipping cost
  2. Product Usage
  3. Chargebacks and PayPal disputes
  4. Cancellations / Non Refundable Deposit Clause
  5. Customs
  6. Damage and Warranty Program
  7. Pre Orders
  8. Payment Plan Terms
  9. Product accessories
  10. Returns / Buyers Remorse
  11. Shipping
  12. Saber Electronics / Maintenance
  13. Shipping timeline
  14. What happens if my package is lost?
  15. What if my package arrived damaged?
  16. Event discount codes and Promotions


  • Additional Shipping cost / Remote Fee

If your location is not served by a post office or if you are ordering products containing lithium items - please take note that a extra REMOTE fee "rural area" surcharge might be applied by DHL/Fedex/UPS/USPS. We will invoice you for the remainder as charged by the postal service- any cancellations after the order is built will forfeit a deposit of $50 

 *Update on 25th May 2021
We understand that the remote fees clause can at times be missed, in the event where the fee is too much we will accept a cancellation with half the current Non Refundable Deposit. 

  • Product usage

Please read our saber manual here https://www.thepachstore.com/pages/custom-saber-user-manual

For removable battery sabers - please ensure that the battery goes in the correct way. If you invert it, the board will be fused and we will have to charge you the cost required to replace a new board. Please be aware of the + - marks on the removable battery sabers. 

Tolerances are within 1.5mm, a product fitting tolerance will be within the range of 1.5mm due to the nature of how they are finished. This applies to both the polycarbonate and acrylic blades, alongside with the metal hilts. 

Please read the specific charging requirements on each product page. As a general rule of thumb, 18650 3.7v 5A batteries for Tri-Cree LED and 10A for Neopixel. If a saber is fused due to misuse of a incorrect output, you can send it back for a free repair during it's warranty period. Thereafter we will charge shipping costs. 


  • Chargebacks and PayPal disputes

The Pach Store is as transparent as possible with regards to our Deposit and payment plan programs. We also offer a 24 hour grace period, in which the collector can review the terms again and cancel without penalty. 

Credit card companies submitting a dispute, or charge back, to THEPACHSTORE on behalf of the collector for any deposit, current order or payment plans cancellation fees incurred after the grace period will be given a copy of this agreement, as well as documentation of our check out process illustrating your acceptance of the terms, via the collector required action of selecting a check box. The information that will be provided illustrates a contract that you created with THEPACHSTORE and generally results in a dismissal of the dispute. Please keep in mind that any accounts with pending charge backs will be temporarily disabled, to avoid further billing and shipping issues, while all concerns are resolved. Multiple chargebacks will result in account closure. 

 In the event an attempt is made to file a cancellation via Paypal, the case will be liable to a 50 USD admin fee, on closure of case you will be refunded less any shipping fees already used, our cancellation/Non Deposit fees and the Paypal fees/ admin fee. Please work with our Customer Service team to resolve the case before proceeding to Paypal. 

  • Changes, Cancellations / Non Refundable Deposit Clause

All sales are final. Once an order is placed, changes cannot be made. If you require an amendment, please reach out to our Customer Service Team via the Facebook page where they will respond to you within 24-48 hours. We will try our best to assist you but there is no guarantee. Therefore please ensure to check that your order contents are placed correctly before payment. 

All orders are made/built to order. Once an order is placed regardless as a deposit or full payment it will have a NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT incurred unless specified in the product description. If you choose to return the package or cancel after an order is placed, it will be refunded less this NRD and Paypal Fees. Packages that have already been sent out to our shipping facility as per the FAQ cannot be cancelled. All products that are damaged during use are eligible for the warranty program, should you wish to request for a refund, the product must be returned in it's original condition. 

Orders Above $500 will have a cancellation/restocking fee of 10% per item.

Orders below $500 will have a cancellation/restocking fee of 50 USD per item.

Orders below $70 will have a cancellation/restocking fee of 25 USD per item.

Orders below $50 will have a cancellation/restocking fee of 10 USD per item.

 Update 25th May 2021:
 *If a product is past 31 working days of the last day of the estimated delivery date, we will waive the Non Refundable Deposit should a customer wish to cancel their order. 

  • Customs

All customs requirements, clearance and tax fees are a customers responsibility, if you are located in a country with strict customs - please ensure to check what is importable. Please ensure to track the package and contact the shipping company/customs to assist with clearance.
If a contact number and email is not provided, you will not be contacted. However you will receive the tracking information via your mode of payment, Paypal, Etsy etc. 

If a package is returned due to non clearance - a refund will be processed less return shipping fees and our restocking fee. 

If you need assistance to validate, prior to ordering feel free to contact us via the Facebook chat or email.


  • Damage and Warranty Program

Upon receipt of the sabers/products, please check that they are working and functional. Packaging, boxes are not covered under the warranty program as they are consumables. 

If for any reason the products are found to be defective or damaged upon arrival, please contact us on our Facebook page. Dueling or usage damage is not covered under warranty, while we will try our best to assist with the repair, there will be costs associated with it such as shipping and part fees. 

You can send the sabers/products back to us for repairs or a replacement. This is valid for 7 days upon receipt.  

Please note that the cost of returning the item is the customers responsibility. Thereafter customers are required to cover return shipping costs both ways. 
For our sabers and products, all products are QCed by factory and specifically for sabers a repeated QC happens at our shipping facility where they are tested to be working before being shipped. Finishing can differ from hilt to hilt, small scratches, tiny dents and machine marks can appear on the hilt. Issues like this are not replaceable. 

All sabers/products purchased through us will have a valid 90 DAYS Limited Warranty covering workmanship, if sabers are found to be dismantled, modified or misused, damaged during usage, the warranty is voided. All sabers are checked to be working before shipping and should not be dismantled, opened or protective wraps removed. If forcefully opened without advice, warranty is voided.
Tolerances are within 1.5mm+/-, a product fitting tolerance will be within the range of 1.5mm+/- due to the nature of how they are finished. This applies to both the polycarbonate and acrylic blades, alongside with the metal hilts.

- Charging
Please use a 5V 1A Charging adapter or USB port, any higher voltage or ampere will result in damage to the saber, sometimes irrepairable. While we do our best to take care of such cases by replacing parts, a fee for parts & shipping will be applicable. 

- Inhilt LEDs
You can cause a short to the inhilt LEDs and render them inoperable, if the battery is not removed and the blade removal/insertion is done. Or if a conductive part touches the pins, eg your fingers, again while the battery is in. This results in several unlit LEDs or the whole portion, or if they do not respond to the coded color. When this happens, the only way to fix this would be to send it back to be repaired. Labor is free, buyer pays shipping to our HK office or are also allowed to use the discounted Free forwarding warehouses we have in a few countries par a longer transit time.

- Polycarbonate Blades
These blades are built the same way as a industry standard, we offer them in mid grades and heavy grades. Mid grades are for single handed swings and heavy grades support two handed swings, they are not indestructible and are considered a consumable. Clashes to the tips can cause it to fly off and crack the blade, dents and cracks can happen on the blade during usage and dueling. There is slight jiggle space between the pixels and foam within the blade, this is the best setup tested out of 10 variations and have proven to have the least damage over time in usage. Damage during dueling is not covered under the warranty program.

- Proffieboard
The Proffieboard is a open source board, all proffie installed sabers are checked to be working prior to shipping, and will work as per the pre loaded fonts and blade styles. Due to the nature of the board and the ability to modify every single aspect - we can only guarantee the installation to work as it is. Any changes, firmware updates, uploading of different codes resulting in the malfunction of a board will not be covered under our warranty program. While we will try our best to assist you with any known issues, if repairs are required a nominal fee will be charged to assess and replace parts if replaceable. 

However for a nominal fee, we will be able to repair it for you. 

-Forwarding warehouse
We have multiple warehouses that can receive your item and forward it back to us in Hong Kong so you do not have to pay international shipping costs, but will take a longer time for repair turnarounds, an expected 4-8 weeks is required for these free forwarding warehouses. Please take note when choosing the warehouse option. Average repair times are between 21 - 45 working days on receipt in our HK office.
Please allow that time for repairs, a tracking number will be sent once the product is shipped.

-Free gifts
Any items that are FREE (Written as free or not included in listings) are Void from replacement. The item you are purchasing will be the subject titles, in original packaging. Any extras are not included. 

Should an item be returned under the warranty program and it is working as it should, the buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. 

The warranty program is only available for the receiver of the order number, it is not transferable. 

 *Do note that due to covid, logistics can take about 2-3 times longer than normal. 

  • Pre Orders

Product releases are dependent on supplier, unexpected delays can happen and therefore by ordering an item, you agree that pre order payments come with a % that is non refundable in the product page. If not specified, the default is $50 USD. Pre Order Deposits are a confirmation that you are committing to a purchase of an item, paying a deposit to have it made for you. 

Order shipping timelines are a indicative process only, depending on manufacturers release. All updates are always available on the specific product description page, please check back to the page to see updates or otherwise feel free to contact our customer service team on the facebook page. 

We will only be able to refund deposits if there is a official statement from manufacturer that the item is cancelled. 

  • Payment Plan Terms

The flexible payment plan option is a great opportunity for collectors to purchase items and pay with a deposit and full payment or via a monthly installment schedule. We do not charge interest for the payment plans but there are modest cancellation fees. By using the Payment plan option, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below.

1) Cancellation Fee: Non-Refundable Deposit or $50 USD whichever is higher

Many of our collectibles require a non-refundable deposit at checkout to hold your pre-order during the production phase. If the order is cancelled then your deposit will be used as a cancellation fee. If your order did not require a non-refundable deposit at checkout, then a flat cancellation fee of $50 USD unless otherwise specified in the product description will be assessed.


2) All payment plans must be complete within 30 days after a product has come in stock. In the event that the product comes in stock earlier than the payment plan schedule, we will issue the final invoice within 30 days. Payments must be complete within 7 working days. 

  • Product Accessories

All products included accessories are listed in the product description, for sabers standard charging cables come with them. 
Additional bonus parts can occasionally be included for free but are not advertised to be included, unless listed in the product description.  

All sabers do not come with blade plugs.

  • Returns / Buyers Remorse

ALL SALES ARE FINAL - NO RETURNS. In the event a return is started without our acceptance, a 50 USD restocking fee applies per piece or 100 USD per BATCH order

The Pach Store has a no returns policy unless agreed on a case to case basis. In the event a return is required, all return shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer, a restocking fee of 50 USD or 10% for products above $500 is applicable on return. The website is very stable and has no bugs, nor will it glitch. If you accidentally purchased it and reach out within the hour, we will try out best to stop the package and provide a discounted refund amount. 

If a product is damaged by the user while in use, you will be able to send it back for a repair under the after sales warranty program. However you will not be eligible to request for a refund, please send us a message as we will discuss it on a case by case basis. 

Please note all packages sent out are made to order, if not signed for and returned - the order will be refunded less the return shipping costs and the restocking fee. 

If you received a product that is not as ordered, please DO NOT open the product packaging box. Simply contact us and initiate a return process. 
Opening the boxes will void returns as all items are BRAND NEW IN BOX when shipped. In the event we deem that a return is not possible we will request for you to destroy the item, please destroy the product and provide proof that it is no longer repairable or reuseable. A replacement will be sent once proof is provided. 

 Refunds will be processed within 3-5 working days, once it is processed you will receive a refund email. Credited directly to your payment method. 

  • Shipping
Please take a look at the product description for shipping timelines. There is a Pre Order release date right at the top, followed by how long it will take once it releases.
Once it ships you will receive a tracking email.

We use a variety of shipping methods for different products, National Post for small items, DHL/Fedex for Sabers, Sagawa ExpressCN for Japan and Australia Post for Australia. All shipping timelines are written in the product description.

For special requests, please reach out before purchase via the FB chat. 

We do not ship to APO/FPO/PO box addresses. Addresses entered as such will be sent to the nearest DHL facility and must be picked up on arrival. Failure to collect within the holding timeline will result in the package being returned to us and a cancellation fee charged. 

Please note that our system currently does not allow addresses to be changed. If you require an address change, you will need to repurchase the product provided it is in stock and contact CS for a refund of the original order after the 2nd purchase. If no secondary purchase, a refund less restocking fee will be provided.

If an item has been shipped to your address and for reasons related to buyer's fault inclusive of non payment of custom fees, no contact to delivery office, unsigned, undelivered/rejected and returned, a refund will automatically be processed less the shipping fee of 50 USD or actual shipping amount will be deducted from the amount paid before refund. If the order is still required to be re-sent, buyer must pay for shipping again.

If the order is refunded by request of customer or a paypal claim is opened due to this reason, the amount refunded will be total cost less shipping costs, less return shipping costs and less non refundable deposit. For example cost of item 289 USD - shipping cost of 50 USD, - 50 USD return shipping cost and NRD of 50 USD = 139 USD total refund amount.
If a contact number or email is not provided, a random number will be used.

Receivers must track the item to receive it accordingly, the receiver must contact the shipping company if the package is held and if not delivered within 30 days of the tracking email, reach out to us so that we can start a query and assist to have it delivered. Requests filed after this period will be assisted to the best of our ability, however cannot be liable after such time has lapsed. 

We are not responsible for return shipping costs as it is buyer's responsibility to track and contact the shipping company in order to properly receive the item.

Our shipping process 

1) Order is placed, package is retrieved from storage or built to order
2) Package is sent from our Office to our Shipping office
3) Shipping office sends out package across the border to the DHL facility or Postal service
4) On clearing customs, package will enter the DHL facility to be queued to ship
5) Package boards the plane (Tracking becomes active)
6) Package arrives in destination country, Customs clearance is required. (If package shows as HOLD for clearance, buyer must contact delivery service)
7) Out for delivery to your doorstep


  • Saber Electronics / Maintenance

Please note that as we seek to improve internals and soundboards quickly over time, you might receive an alternative electronic internals but equivalent in grade and pricing. Functions will remain the same with small changes to ways of using the saber, this includes changing of sound fonts from time to time and variation in colors to the LED. On this note we would extend returns for any customers not happy with their product. Simply send it back in its original condition and we will apply the refund.

All Sabers run on a lithium ion battery which can run out of a charge over time. especially so when not charged over a period of time, when that happens sabers can be sent back to have their batteries changed for a small nominal fee. Shipping charges are on customers cost. 

All Sabers at this time must be charged with the provided cable with a adapter at 5V 1A only. It is advised that you do not use a wall adapter directly but a multi plug/cable and computer's are fine. There have been events where adapters are not properly certified and will "jump" during the initial plugin causing the overflow to brick the electronics. In the event that happens, you can still send the saber back at a nominal fee for repairs.

All products sold are not TOYS and are recommended for adults. Children must also be supervised when operating these collectibles, they have to be treated with due diligence and restraint, by agreeing to purchase you hereby indemnify The Pach Store from any liability and compensation due from misuse of products. 

Do contact us at www.facebook.com/thepachstore for more questions.

  •  Shipping Timeline

Please refer to product descriptions for shipping timelines, timelines provided are ESTIMATED timelines, there is always a possibility of a delay and release times will be affeccted. Expect extended timelines during peak shopping season. 




  • What happens if my package is lost?

In the unlikely event that your package shows as delivered or has stopped moving for 7 working days, please first begin to contact the Shipping company (National Post or DHL/Fedex) based on the tracking information provided.
File an inquiry with them on why it has not been delivered to you.
After which, reach out to us with your Order Number AND Case ID provided by the shipping company after you have filed the inquiry. We will follow up from there. 
Please note that National Posts only allow us to submit a claim after 30-60 working days depending on your country and refunds/replacements can only be processed after a claim has been submitted on our side. (It is possible that the item can still be found and delivered once a investigation begins) After a claim is approved, an automatic email will be sent to you once the refund is processed.


  • What if my package arrived damaged?

If you received a damaged package (dented box) and the product is obviously damaged through shipping please first begin to inform the shipping company (DHL/Fedex etc)
Head to the website and submit a Inquiry, let them know that the package arrived damaged. (Inquiry and not a claim)
Following which in their email response to you, send them the pictures of the damage and ask them for a CASE ID. 
After which, please contact us via the Facebook Page Chat with the pictures and Case ID. 
Once we have that, we will submit a claim and be able to process a replacement or repair options for you. 

 If the product is not damaged in shipping, simply take a few pictures and contact our Customer Service team Here with your order number. We will try our best to respond within 24-48 hours every work day. 


By purchasing a product from THEPACHSTORE you are required to agree to the Store policies, terms & conditions, a collector required action of selecting a check box before purchasing confirms your agreement to these policies. Feel free to reach out if you have any queries. 

We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions per various valid reasons and extend our support on selected cases only. 

  • When does my Order ship?

Please look at the product description, all products have different ship times so the description offers the most accurate timeline. 
If it is a PRE ORDER it will be shipped when it has released and will also go through the shipping timeline written in the product description.

All updates are always available on the specific product description page, please check back to the page to see updates or otherwise feel free to contact our customer service team on the facebook page. 

  •  Event discount codes and Promotions

Pachstore runs discounts and promotions from time to time. When applicable, discount codes must be applied before check out. Orders without applied codes cannot be retroactively applied, all promotions will only be qualified when placed in a single order. Eg, free gifts must be added to cart, or if qualifying minimum spend for a free gift. One qualifying free gift and discount code per order.