Custom Saber – User Manual

Custom Saber – User Manual

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1) Wonderforce Youtube Channel

2) Just received your Fully Installed Asteria or Proffie saber? Watch THIS

3) Saber Manual V2.0 - 2.5 (Direct link to Guide Manual)

4) Proffie Board Information -

5) Saber Manual V1.5 (Discontinued)

The product is a collectible prop for Adults above 18 years and not a toy. Children using it must always be supervised by an adult. Staring directly at the LEDs will cause harm and possible visual impairment. Please exercise due caution during usage, sharp edges might appear in certain models.
Sabers MUST NOT be dismantled/opened beyond what is advised as the electronics are very sensitive, damage in opening the sabers are not valid for warranty. Choking hazard – small screws/parts may be generated.

Do not touch the miniLEDs. Always remove the battery or chassis before inserting/removing blades on a Asteria/Proffie setup.

Please refer to respective user manuals in the SD card if applicable.

BASIC OPERATIONS - Shiva/Maverick/Fubuki/ Hitoren/ Kyojin/ Sanken 2/DarkSaber/Flyte Sabers:
1. Power On/ Off: Press main button. Tap and release to power on, press and hold to power on/off)
2. Change sound fonts/mute: When powered off, press and hold the main button to cycle through fonts. or Press main button and twist hilt to cycle. 
3. Lock-up mode: flash excessively -  when saber is powered on, double press the main button to lock up and repeat to stop.

4. Volume: when saber is powered on, double tap to cycle through mute, low, medium, high, extra loud. Do not use extra loud indoors or for long periods of time, it is recommended for trooping or during dueling. 

DarkSaber Specific

If guard is loose - loosen the 4 screws on each side, maintain pressure from top and bottom while tightening screws. 

V1.5 Asteria board (TriCree 2017-2018 models)
1. Stand-by mode: when power off, press and hold the main button to boot
2. Mute mode: when power off, hold the aux button, then hold the main button for 0.5sec
3. Light on: after boot up, quick press and release to power on
4. Blaster: quick press aux button when powered on
5. Lock-up mode: hold the aux button when the saber is light-on
6. Bank switch: press and hold after boot to cycle through banks
7. Shut down: press and hold the main button after power off
8. Customizing fonts, please follow our Facebook page where various guide videos are available for HOW TO change custom fonts. Fonts are available at, supports most Plecter Format fonts.


V2.0/V2.5 Asteria Heart (Neopixel Blade and Smoothswing)


Interchangeable Proprietary Removable Chassis currently supports the following hilts (RVS, RVJ & FO, OBI4)

*Please edit in Windows, Mac Catalina editing currently shows issues.(Resolved after 1.07 available end July 2020)  

All boards come with same default font settings, for accurate usage you will need to setup the board.
How to setup or configure other blade effects:
Under each bank, there are .bg / .ft / .tg files in each sub folder such as Blaster, Clash etc. 
There is also a blade effects zipped file in the main directory, by unzipping the blade effects file you will see all possible .bg/.tg/.ft formats.
These files affect the blade. 
Feel free to try them out and then copy the one you would like to preset overwriting the old files in the sub folders. Open the files with Notepad editor.
If .bg ensure that all .bg files in the sub folder(s) are overwritten and the same. 
.bg = blade styles
.ft and .tg are effects that affect the blade styles
* Please do not remove the plastic insulation sheet on the chassis. It protects the electronics. To access the SD card, you can cut a small hole to access it on certain models.

-Sound format requirements: Sampling rate 22050Hz, 16 bit Single track windows standard PCM WAV
- Purchase new fonts on, supports most CFX and Open Source fonts, required to be renamed to current file names in folder before usage.
If the font does not work, download Audacity and convert it to the sampling rate above followed by renaming the file names before copying over. 
Please make a copy of the whole SD card before proceeding so you can reset your progress at any time. 

How to increase ignition speed - copy 4.ft file into the selected bank, adjust "NP_Tfade=300" (Min 0 - 65535 Max) numerals are in ms.
*Temp fan guide by VFR Pilot
*Please edit in Windows, Mac editing is currently not supported. 
*Saber beeps when pressing power button, will not power on - SD card is loose. 

- Find out more information about the ProffieBoard HERE
- Our 1" x 36" blades have 144 pixels. If you use the codes directly from the generator without editing the pixel length, your blade will light up 3/4 way only. 
Direct Link:

- Please use provided USB cable, 5v 1A adapters. We recommend not to use with wall plugs but multi plugs preferably.
- When charging, Fubuki/ Hitoren/ Sanken 2 Sabers main button will pulse. Maverick/Kyojin will show a faint light in the button area, no fully charged indicator
- Charge for maximum of 5 hours, we recommend NOT to charge OVERNIGHT
- Charge every fortnight to prevent complete discharge of batteries. Remove batteries when not in use.

Blade Usage

Insert blade into emitter, insert retention screws at emitter, tighten until you feel resistance, go one round and that is sufficient. 

Blades have removable tips and diffusion film in them, tips can fly off on impact and diffusion film can crumple. These are considered normal in the event of dueling and are not covered under the warranty. 

When the tips come off, we recommended using e6000 or equivalent adhesive to attach them back. Diffusion film can be removed, straightened and then inserted again, if beyond repair a replacement blade is required. 

Blades are considered consumables if used for dueling, so consider purchasing multiples or making them yourselves. 
Do note that threaded retention holes can be worn out and will require a new hole to be tapped. It can happen if you are tightening the screws at a wrong angle, or also over tightening it will cause the threads to be stripped. This is part and process of the aluminum material that we use for the hilts. 

Neopixel Blades (Common issues)

Blade flickering a different color
If your blade flickers a different color when swinging, the blade width is a little too thin. Use painters/masking tape and go half or one round around the area above the connector. This is a quick and easy fix as polycarbonate can at times be extruded with +/- 0.1-2mm differences. 

LEDS rattling inside the blade
This is normal, we have tested hundreds of setups and this has resulted in the highest durability for everyday use and spinning. The space between the foam and blade gives it a little flex so that the LEDs do not rigidly get the full impact. 

Accessories usage

Rubber rings, screws - mostly additionals. Rubber rings can be used for extra grip, timing shims or to cushion the speaker from rattling. 

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