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(SOLD OUT) Ultimate Works x WF The Dueler V2 - The Combat ready everyday beater saber

(SOLD OUT) Ultimate Works x WF The Dueler V2 - The Combat ready everyday beater saber

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Introducing the Dueler V2, your everyday carry saber but now stronger and better
Bring it for breakfast, hang it by your waist at work and beat the daylights out of your opponent in the cage. She's the one to be by your side. 

Now in a upgraded V2 version, much louder speakers with a newly vented pommel, upgraded Asteria Heart, better grip thickness and firmer aux switch placement. Also the stunning new color themes!

The daily beater saber but with high end electronics, tri-cree LEDs and bass speakers, our own premium soundboard all at a affordable price!

 Specs - 2 Options TriCree or Pixel!


1) 1" Pixel blade

Proffie board

2W speakers

18650 Rechargeable battery 


2) Tri-cree RGB color changing LEDs

2W 8ohm speakers

18650 Li-on rechargeable high capacity battery 

USB recharge port with usb cable provided

Installed with the Ultimate Works v1.5 Asteria soundboard with interchangeable soundfonts, 6 banks easy customization. Supports SD card, Highly customization including sensitivity etc.

Preloaded fonts by KSITH and Ultimate Works, video consist of fonts from Shameem's free boot files!

Fits a 1" Blade not included

Need a blade? click HERE < Custom Saber Blades - Choose Mid grade Dual Diffused for best results



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Shipping will take 5-10 working days and you will receive a tracking number once shipped. 

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Please note as the sabers are all hand assembled, small minor imperfections might occur. 

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