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Ultimate Works RVJ Custom saber

Ultimate Works RVJ Custom saber

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This Saber is currently on a PRE ORDER STATUS for release in JUNE - JULY 2023.

Please contact our Customer Service team at if you need more info.


Limited Run for the Ultimate Works RVJ Custom Saber

ASTERIA 2.5 x PIXEL BLADE and Smoothswings!
Watch our demo video

(Video depicts function only, RVJ V2 aux switches are different)

This is a 1:1 accurate sized replica installed with a V2.5 Asteria Board, supports pixel and Smoothswing.


 Specifications if Fully Installed Asteria as per pictures,

-PIXEL RGB Color changing 1"x 36" Removable blade included

- All effects shown in videos are included, Blaster block, Flash on Clash, Tip Drag, Color change on the go etc

- 12 Preset banks, can be extended to 16 banks total

- 9 Blade styles, 5 blade effects and 4 power up effects. Total of 180 combinations.

- Li On Battery NCR 18650BD 3200 MAH 3.6/7v 10A REMOVABLE

- 2W Speakers

- Installed with the Asteria v2.5 or Proffie board, supports customization of sounds and smoothswing, gesture effects.

- Accepts Open Source fonts, in specific 22050Hz 16 Bit Single Track Windows Standard PCM WAV

- Proprietary Removable Chassis (Fits RVS, RVJ, FO, OBI4)

3 versions (V2 version has a different aux switch and more accuracy detailing)

1) Empty (Hilt only)

2) Pre Kit (Hilt + Connector included, compatible with V2.5 chassis) No blade

3) Fully Installed Asteria V2.5/ Proffie Heart + pixel Blade included 

Please note that as all the work is done by hand, small imperfections may occur and differ from hilt to hilt.  

290mm L x 32MM OD / Grips 38m


This Saber is currently on a PRE ORDER STATUS for release in JUNE - JULY 2023.

If Pre Order please expect release within 4-8 weeks

On release, Please allow 3-5 working days for them to be shipped, shipping takes 4-9 days, tracking numbers active after 24-48 hours of notice. 

Store Policy T&C applies.

Non Refundable Deposit forfeited if cancelled before release.

By purchasing this item, you agree to the following purchase conditions:
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