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Ultimate Works Asteria soundboard V1.5 (PLUG N PLAY / Asteria Heart)

Ultimate Works Asteria soundboard V1.5 (PLUG N PLAY / Asteria Heart)

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The introduction of our own Ultimate Works Asteria Soundboard to our series of custom sabers brought great joy to many collectors and saber enthusiast as rare hilts would be able to come fully installed at a great affordable price. Now as requested by everyone for the past year.. We are now happy to release our latest setup THE ASTERIA HEART!

There is only 1 way to find out what the Asteria does - scroll down to the bottom of the screen and watch our Youtube channel with all sabers running the Ultimate Works Asteria board. Fantastic sound, adjustable sensitivity and a great range of functions at an incredible price!

The Asteria Heart uses the latest updates available, the v1.5 and is now available in a Plug and Play format where you can simply insert and secure it into any saber, bringing your favorite soul to every saber!

Ultimate Works Asteria Plug and Play set

Ultimate Works Asteria Board v1.5
Supports the following;

- SD Card (Not included)
- 6 Profile banks with Mute
- Each bank supports 8 Swings, 8 Clashes, 4 Blasters, 16 user-set color -profiles running on (22.050 kHz / 10 bit) soundfonts
- 2Channel programmable accent LED support
- Real time mixing high quality sounds for speakers up till 3W
- Supports Main Switch and Aux Switch for clash, blaster, lockup effects.
- Uses 3.7v up to a 18650 with configurable Deep Sleep mode to save power during storage not included

Board and Battery Chassis size 105 x 23mm


If Full Set

- Tricree LED
- 2 x 12 MM Switches Included (Main&Aux) 
- 3W 4Ohms Bass Speakers

Several options are available

1) Asteria Soundboard ONLY (NOTHING ELSE, Just the soundboard)

2) Asteria Soundboard w Battery holder and TRICREE SINGLE COLOR LED, 2W Speakers, Switch, and Recharge port on Quick connects - Choose from (RRW, BBW/ GGW)

3) Asteria Soundboard w Battery holder and TRICREE RGB COLOR LED, 2W Speakers, Switch, and Recharge port on Quick connects

Asteria Simple tutorial

Our Legendary Graflex running on the Asteria Board

Find out more here at our Youtube Channel < Click

Please note an estimated of 7-10 days for build time and another 10-14days for shipping worldwide with tracking provided. 

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