Saber Accessories


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 All Sabers are currently on a PRE ORDER STATUS for release in November to December 2020.
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This listing is for Saber accessories

Claws, Coupler, Covertec Wheel,Charging cable) for use with Hitoren v3 or Maverick V2 specifically named in product.

1) 4 Claws emitter for Hitoren hilts

2) 6 Claws emitter for Hitoren hilts

3) Coupler to join 2 hilts for Hitoren hilts

4) Coupler to join 2 hilts for Maverick V2/ V3 hilts

5) Covertec Wheel for Maverick V2/V3 hilts (Choose Silver Black or Gold under 2nd option)

6) Additional Shipping Fee for blades/accessories

7) Charging Cable for sabers

8) 18650 Battery and Charger for Shiva / hilts that uses removable 18650s

9) 5V 1A standalone charger

10) Blade tip x 1 for Pearl white mid grade blade

All emitters only work with removable blades, installation required.

Please note all items must be purchased with option 6 IF NOT PURCHASED with a saber. If purchased with a saber, shipping for this accessory is free. 

You can add it together under options or add it here below.
ADD 28 QTY Here if purchased without a saber:

 Higher shipping rates during Pandemic. 

Shipping (Pre order for Nov to Dec 2020.)

On release,
Ships in 3-5 working days, 7-10 to arrive - if shipped with a saber, whichever longest

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