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ProffieBoard v1.5 – Open Source Custom Saber Soundboard

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This listing is for a Proffie Board v1.5

These boards are highly customizable but will require programming, high learning curve! SANDISK SD CARDS INCLUDED.

All manuals and information can be found here

All-in-one STM32L4-based lightsaber electronics. It is small, feature-packed and 100% open source. This board retains all the features from the Teensy based designs, but are smaller and requires less work to put together.
Some programmable features:

Neopixel LED Strip and Tri Cree LED Support, PreProgrammed for Neopixel 
44/22/11khz Audio
Touch Button Support
Multiple Blades And Effects With Different Presets For Each
Supports Both Mono and Polyphonic Sound Fonts

Extra features can also be programmed including Smooth Swing support - the most realistic motion algorithm for custom sabers

Technical info:

BATT+ – 2.6 to 4.5 volt input, drives everything except the LEDs
BATT- – negative pad for LEDs, needs to be at same level as GND when both are connected. Note that there are two of them, which can be useful when driving many powerful LEDs.
GND – ground for electronics except LEDs. Note that the two GND pads are interchangeable and connected through the board.
Speaker +/- – hooks up to speaker
Button 1/2/3 – Hook up to closing buttons, or potentially touch buttons.
Data 1 / ID – Normally used to measure the blade ID restor, and if it’s a neopixel blade, feed out neopixel data. For a fixed non-neopixel saber, it could be re-purposed.
Data 2-5 – additional neopixel data outputs, or free for other purposes.
LED 1-6 – Hooks up to negative side of LED (positive side of LED hooks up directly to battery.) These pads can handle up to 30 volts.
SDA, SCL – these pins are used to communicate with the gyro and accelerometer chip. 
5v – generated by the proffieboard, normally it’s only on when sound is playing.
3.3v – generated by the proffieboard.
SWDIO, SWDCLK – can be hooked up to a ST-LINK device and lets you debug programs running on the proffieboard.
All instructions, including how to build the electronics and software downloads can be found here:

Please refer to YouTube Proffie tutorials for the best guides. 


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