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The Maverick - New Affordable saber

The Maverick - New Affordable saber

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Introducing our latest addition to the affordable series - the Maverick.
Of an independent mind, the Maverick is eccentric to many but to those whom are familiar with the wielder, understands the single minded focus determined to do what is right.
The Maverick features a tough and thick aluminum body, while slim in outer grip measuring at only 1.18 of an inch. The emitter and body is of one, increasing durability for dueling and with a removable pommel.
With a pyramid pommel, it creates a distinct enhancement of the 22mm speakers.

Available options: 
Hilt options : Black (SOLD OUT: Silver)
Blade LED options : Red (SOLD OUT: Green/Blue/Purple/Amber)


5W LED Single Color LED

6061 Aluminum

1.18" Outer diameter slim design

1W 8ohm speakers, 1 Soundfont and mute function

Hum, swings, lockup, clash soundfonts

Rechargeable battery with protection board (Charge with 5V 1A ONLY) approx 45mins-1 hr use time

USB Inhilt recharge port (Charge with 5V 1A ONLY)

Fits only 7/8" Mid grade polycarbonate Blade included

Hilt measures 10"/ 25.5cm long, total length 100cm including blade

Great beginners starter lightsaber

When do we deliver?

The sabers take approximately ( 7-10 working days) to complete and shipping will take 5-10 days international. Ships worldwide with tracking


* Please note that batteries have to be recharged every month even if unused, if empty and stored in a extremely hot or freezing place they will no longer be able to take a charge thereafter. Repairs are free but customers will have to cover shipping incase of such problems.

* Store product in a cool area and use only a 5v 1A adapter, no smart chargers. Do not charge overnight, leave in charger for a maximum of 4-5 hours.

* Switches are random, no choosing of colors.
* Can we fight with it? Yes you can! They can withstand mid strength duels, two handed swings but not baseball 100km swings.

*Please note that there is limited warranty for this item, but if item received is damaged please reach out to us within 5 WORKING DAYS.
All sabers to be charged with USB 5v 1A only (NO SMART CHARGERS), if the saber shorts due to misuse - any warranty's will be charged a nominal fee.

*All sabers are hand finished and small blemishes or mounting marks might be present. Please understand before purchasing. 

Saber Manual

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