Crossguard Saber


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A new addition to our saber lines is the Crossguard - one of the newest dark side sabers brought to life.

Whether you own a hasbro force fx or black series kylo ren light saber, you can also start your journey into the custom saber world with this crossguard saber!

3 x 1" Removable Mid grade polycarbonate tube 
3W 4Ohm Loud speakers
Inhilt recharging via USB
9W main Brightness
3 Fonts + Mute
18650 Lion Battery (Charge with 5V 1A ONLY) 
Lightup AV Switch
Sentinel, Caliban and Event Horizon Soundfonts by Crystal Sonix on the V3.0 Inhouse soundboard
WHY Buy these sabers?
They are the best value for money sabers, DOUBLE LIGHTS AND SOUNDS for 150?!? How's that possible? - MADE in China, that’s how.
Perfect for spinning and choreography, very slim and perfect balance. Weighs a little over 600g
 Add on note - Board has PROTECTION for the battery.
When do we deliver?
The sabers take approximately 2 weeks to complete and shipping will take 10-14 days international. Ships worldwide
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