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Please take a look at the list below for FAQs, if you do not have a answer below feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team here

  • 1.When does your order ship?
  • 3. Why did the timeline on the product page change?
  • 4. When do we restock?
  • 5. How to replace a electronic kit?
  • 6. How do I use my saber? 
  • 7. Why did my tracking say - Return to shipper?
  • 8. What happens if my package is lost?

  •  9. What if my package arrived damaged?

  • 10. Do we ship worldwide? 
  • 11. How do I speak to someone?
  • 12. Can I change or cancel my order after it is placed?


1. When does my order ship?
Shipping timelines are written on the individual product pages, they can be found towards the bottom.
Take note of the Pre Order release month right at the top, followed by the timeline required once released. (Release XX Month to XX Month = anytime between the 1st day of xx month to last day of xx month) 
Even if released earlier, assume the full length of pre order "Last day of release month + shipping timeline) 

Timelines are for orders placed now, so if ordered earlier - will be shipped earlier.

Order updates will also be posted on the product description so make sure to check back before reaching out to CS

If you purchased multiple items together, there is a chance for them to ship individually or shipped together. 

Our Full detailed shipping process 
1) Order is placed, package is retrieved from storage or built to order (0-14days)
2) Package is sent from our Office to our Shipping office (1-2 days)
3) Shipping office sends out package across the border to the DHL facility or Postal service (1-2 days)
4) On clearing customs, package will enter the DHL facility to be queued to ship (1-5 days)
5) Package boards the plane (Tracking becomes active) (1-2days)
6) Package travels to destination country (2-5days)
7) Package arrives in destination country, Customs clearance is required. (If package shows as HOLD for clearance, buyer must contact delivery service)
(Holding time maximum 3 working days)
8) Out for delivery to your doorstep (1-2 days)

*Once a order leaves for #2, the order can no longer be cancelled. Do note that there is a processing time between #1-#5 before tracking becomes active.  

*For UK/EU shipping. A tracking number will be generated but only becomes active around step #6-7-8, the last 3-5 working days of delivery. 

*We use a variety of couriers, if you would like a specific courier please contact our CS team ahead of time to ensure it is possible

2. Are there any delays in these times? DHL / PANDEMIC DELAY

All packages shipped economy were caught in a pandemic delay due to the insufficient amount of flights, lockdowns etc.
We are asking for a updated timeline but have not gotten a response from the postal service.
As per the description please expect 2-3 times the original shipping timeline.
Or as soon as the pandemic tides over, vaccine is found and flights return the timeline will reduce drastically.

3. Why did the timeline on the product page change?
The timeline shifts to a later date for those who purchase later.
If you purchased in May, it would usually show MAY to June. If you purchased in June, by then the timeline would have changed to show June to July etc. 

You will receive it per the timeline when you purchased it. Our timelines are accurate.  Once it ships you will receive a tracking email.

4. When do we restock?
We only reveal restock dates closer to time -
You can sign up for the mailing list on the main page but usually by the time you receive the email it is sold out,
best to follow the main FB page for updates.

5. How to replace the electronic kit
1) Unscrew all screws on the hilts, unscrew pommel
2) Push recharge port and power button until it clears the hilt from below, pull electronics out from the pommel.
3) Insert new kit, tighten screws

6. How do I use my saber?

Please take a look here

 7. Why did my tracking say - Return to shipper?

Our packages are combined with others and sent via truck to cross the border to DHL Hong Kong, this usually happens when a package in the truck was rejected and therefore the whole truck has to go back.
Once it is reshipped in the next couple of days your tracking will be updated

8. What happens if my package is lost?

In the unlikely event that your package shows as delivered or has stopped moving for 7 working days, please first begin to contact the Shipping company (National Post or DHL/Fedex) based on the tracking information provided. 
File an inquiry with them on why it has not been delivered to you. 
After which, reach out to us with your Order Number AND Case ID provided by the shipping company after you have filed the inquiry. We will follow up from there. 
Please note that National Posts only allow us to submit a claim after 30-60 working days depending on your country and refunds/replacements can only be processed after a claim has been submitted on our side. (It is possible that the item can still be found and delivered once a investigation begins) After a claim is approved, an automatic email will be sent to you once the refund is processed.


 9. What if my package arrived damaged?

If you received a damaged package (dented box) and the product is obviously damaged through shipping please first begin to inform the shipping company (DHL/Fedex etc)
Head to the website and submit a Inquiry, let them know that the package arrived damaged. (Inquiry and not a claim)
Following which in their email response to you, send them the pictures of the damage and ask them for a CASE ID. 
After which, please contact us via the Facebook Page Chat with the pictures and Case ID. 
Once we have that, we will submit a claim and be able to process a replacement or repair options for you. 

 10. Do we ship worldwide?
Yes! Add to cart and check out, shipping prices are calculated automatically if your location can be shipped to. 

11. How do I speak to someone?
Please use our Customer Service Chat HERE, this is our only mode of contact.
It allows us to properly log and reply timely within 24-48 hours on a working day. 
If you would like to send an email, please send one HERE. Do allow 48-72 hours for a response. 

12. Can I change or cancel my order after it is placed?

Our automated systems enable us to have incredible shipping speeds, it is unlikely we can change or cancel your order if the product is in stock as it is sent out to the shipping facility immediately. Please take a look at our shipping process above if you require a better understanding of the process. 
In the event it is a Made to Order product where we have a few weeks wait time we can TRY to apply the change or cancellation request. 
Please reach out to our Customer Service team HERE, do note that it will take 24-48 hours on a working day for a reply. Please make sure to check your order before placing it! 

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