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Ultimate Works The Lord

Ultimate Works The Lord

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LAST CHANCE! The Lord wont be up for orders until the next run!

THE BEST 1:1 Accurate sized Count Dooku lightsaber, Empty hilt for display, dueling or fitted with electronics.

Fits the following

- boards up to SC2 max size

- 18650 Li-On battery

- 7/8 blades, not included

- 24mm speakers

-covertec inhilt recharge port

Please note while majority of the hilt is mirror shiny, there is an area (between grooves) that is not polished. As all the work is done by hand, small imperfections may occur and differ from hilt to hilt. 

Will begin shipping in 1.5-2 weeks. Shipping takes 7-14 days, tracking numbers active after 24-48 hours of notice. 


if Fully installed with Tri-cree RGBs and the Ultimate Works Asteria Soundboard. 

-Tricree RGB
-2W 8ohm speakers
-Main power switch and Aux switch
-USB to inhilt recharge port Li-on battery
-UW Asteria Board, supports 6 banks with SD card function - remove and swap out fonts via PC
-Fits 1" Polycarbonate blade NOTincluded
-Covertec wheel
Empty hilts DO NOT have electronics installed. 

Similar to previous hilts :

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