NEW NOV 19! Ultimate Works FALLEN (FO) Custom saber


  • $219.00 USD

Limited Run for the Ultimate Works FALLEN (FO) custom saber Hilt

ASTERIA 2.0 x NEOPIXEL BLADE and Smoothswings!
Watch our demo video!

This is a 1:1 accurate sized replica, if fully installed with a V2 Asteria Board, supports Neopixel and Smoothswing.


If Fully installed,

-NEOPIXEL RGB Color changing 1"x 36" Removable blade included

- All effects shown in videos are included, Blaster block, Flash on Clash, Tip Drag, Color change on the go etc

- 12 Preset banks, can be extended to 16 banks total

- 9 Blade styles, 5 blade effects and 4 power up effects. Total of 180 combinations.

- Li On Battery NCR 18650BD 3200 MAH 3.6/7v 10A REMOVABLE

- 2W Speakers

- Installed with the Asteria v2 board supports customization of sounds and smoothswing

- Accepts Open Source fonts, in specific 22050Hz 16 Bit Single Track Windows Standard PCM WAV

- Proprietary Removable Chassis (Fits RVS, RVJ, FO, OBI4)

- Hilt measures 13.5" x 1.15" slim grip

Please note that as all the work is done by hand, small imperfections may occur and differ from hilt to hilt.  

Weathered versions, weathering can be undone with handling. Please take note of sharp edges. 

Install Options
Single hilt Empty - HILT ONLY No electronics
Fully installed - Fully installed with electronics, blade inclusive
Pre Kit - HILT ONLY with connector, no other electronics.

Shipping (Pre order for JUNE - JULY 2021)
if ordered MAY, will ship MAY -  JUNE 2021

Please allow 3-5 working days for them to be shipped, shipping takes 4-14 days, tracking numbers active after 24-48 hours of notice. 

Store Policy T&C applies.

50 USD Non refundable deposit if cancelled before release.

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