Ignition Saber Series "Hitoren" V3.0 - Inhilt LED


  • $75.00 USD

 This Saber is currently on a PRE ORDER STATUS for release in NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2022.

Please contact our Customer Service team at www.facebook.com/thepachstore if you need more info.

The most popular sabers with sound are back at the very affordable price - Hitorens are back and now improved and better than ever!
New soundboards have been added, Inhilt LEDs, better construction and a much louder speaker.
Watch Video here:
Note* old video and fonts have FoC functions have since varied 
2 Variations available
Hilt and STRINGBLADES ONLY colours - Choose 1 each
1.Blazing Red blade
2. Argent Silver blade
3. Azure Blue blade
4. Topaz Yellow blade
5. Cadillac Pink blade
6. Jadeite Green blade.
*Please note that the hilt color is not as the pictures, apart from black and silver - a 2" portions below the emitter top will be silver.
2) NEW INHILT LEDs - V3.0 (New soundboard with 3 fonts, lightup AV switch and mute function. Hilts in BLACK/SILVER) / 95 USD
"1.Blazing Red blade
2. Azure Blue blade
3. Jadeite Green Blade
4. Cadillac Pink blade"
Please note that apart from black and silver, all other colors have a silver sub-emitter that holds the LED housing. For heat distribution purpose, we are continuing our progress on other colors.
Add on option for V3.0 only / Add $14
3) Add on Emitter option (4 or 6 Claw)
2W 8Ohm Loud speakers
Inhilt recharging via USB
12W Brightness
18650 Lion Battery (Charge with 5V 1A ONLY) 
Lightup AV Switch
3 Fonts + Mute
Removable 1" polycarbonate blade
Total length: 100/110 cm
WHY Buy these sabers?
They are the best value for money sabers, LIGHTS AND SOUNDS for 75 - you won't find the same anywhere else.
Perfect for spinning and choreography, very slim and perfect balance. Weighs a little over 500g
Recommended for Mid contact dueling only, not for cleaving anyone in half.
 Add on note - Board has PROTECTION for the battery.
Shipping (NOV - DEC 2022)
If Pre Order please expect release within 4-8 weeks
The sabers take approximately 2 weeks to complete and shipping will take 10-14 days international. Ships worldwide with tracking
*23/6 UK warehouse is currently suspended, will resume in 3 weeks. Please expect delays for UK orders.
All sabers to be charged with 5v 1A only (NO SMART CHARGERS), if the saber shorts due to misuse - any warranty's will be charged a nominal fee.

FOR MULTIPLE ORDERS: Please contact us here for a discounted quote  www.facebook.com/thepachstore
Please note Chinese New Year Holiday - items not shipped before the 10th will resume on the 1st of March. 
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Please read before completing the order. https://thepachstore.com/pages/purchaseconditions

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