Saber Blades

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1" OD 90cm Length, ships for free together with any installed saber purchase. (ADD $15 if not with any sabers)


Pearl White Mid grade - Medium dueling worthy, pearl white blade with diffusion film. Great for showing Full colors, resulting in a pastel like close up look. (Think color through a white glass)

Dual Diffused Medium Grade - Medium dueling worthy, sanded blade with diffusion film. Great for showing True colors, greater show of brighter at the bottom and less so at the tip.

Coring Blade - Medium dueling worthy, Green blade with thick core. Great for RGB sabers and shows a coring effect of blended color in the middle and outer Green hue.

Luminar Blade - Medium Dueling worthy, Sanded Green blade with a slight blue hue. Creates the brightest blade known to mankind when powered with a Blue LED. 

Heavy Grade - Heavy Dueling Worthy, less bright in comparison to Mid grades.

3/4 blade - Mastery Y specific

7/8" Blades are approx 30"

 ALWAYS practice restraint and use same grades when dueling. Heavy vs Mid will result in the Mid failing first. 


Add 15 USD in shipping if not shipped together here>

Blades - 7 working days processing time and shipping is 7-14 days worldwide unless paired with a saber whereby shipping time will reduce.

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