Website update! AUG 2019

Website update! AUG 2019

Hey everyone!

We constantly update the website to make your browsing experience better, today we have added tags on the left so you can filter the sabers by preference.


These are based on the most frequent searches on the website
Here's a quick introduction on the tags

1. Empty hilt - Literally speaks for itself, empty hilts only
2. Saber accessories - These are add on parts such as claws, couplers, blades and covertec wheel add ons you can purchase for your specific saber

3. Soundboards
3.1 Asteria V1.5 TC - this is a Ultimate Works soundboard used for TRICREE INHILT LEDS.
3.2 Asteria V2 NP - this is a UW soundboard used for NEOPIXEL BLADES and have smoothswing, alongside many awesome functions
3.3 Basic - this is a basic board used on the affordable sabers, as they are affordable they do not have customization capabilities and have stiffer sensitivity.
3.4 Basic RGB - this is the basic board but with RGB capability
3.5 Basic Stunt - No sound, light only.
3.6 Proffieboard - this is Frederik's open source board offering higher customization but has a higher learning curve, supports neopixel/tricree and smoothswings

4.1 T1 Affordable starter sabers are bang for buck, basically the cheapest legit sabers you can buy on the internet.
They are duel worthy. LEDs are all standard LEDS. Speakers are economy speakers. Stiffer sensitivity and do not offer customizability.
4.2 T2 The Warrior Level, usually customizable as long as a ASTERIA/Proffie board is present. Duel worthy, better sensitivity and higher brightness. LEDs are often TriCree XP-E2s.
4.3 T3 The Royal Level, basically our most Value for Money sabers. The look good, feel good and sound good. Top tier stuff installed, TriCree or Neopixel blades, great speakers, removable batteries and chassis.

Hope this quick update clarifies, feel free to reach out to our friendly CS at if you have any enquiries.

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