Ultimate Works x Pach Store Custom Saber Options

Empty? PreKit? Fully Installed? 
What do these terms mean? In this post we break it down for you


Our hilts are first broken down into 3 tiers, Tier 1, 2 and 3. 
In Tier 1s, we use affordable economic electronics, they have basic sound and basic lights. Soundboards used are basic soundboards with 3 soundfonts. 

In Tier 2 and Tier 3, we use higher end electronics. Soundboards include Asteria, Proffie or CFX.



9w LED < Cree < Neopixel


Basic 3font Sound < Hybrid Smoothswing < Smoothswing



Hilt only, no electronics, no blade. Does not light up.



Hilts + Inhilt Switch and Pixel connector. No Blade, No electronics. 


Fully Installed - Comes with everything you need, hilt, electronics and blade

Choice of soundboard - Asteria, Proffie or CFX
Asteria has the easiest mode of usage, Proffie has a steeper learning curve and is open sourced. 

By purchasing one of our hilts with a Asteria or Proffie Heart, you can then re-use the heart on other PreKit Hilts. This results in huge savings over a bigger collection!


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