The Pach Store x The Saber Legion

The Pach Store x The Saber Legion

Great news for everyone,
We are happy to announce our sponsorship for The Saber Legion! 

The Worlds Biggest Custom Saber Dueling Organization!

Based in the USA, TSL was founded in 2015 and brings together those who share the same love for the fandom, the action and custom sabers. 
TSL ran the world's first national full contact heavy dueling custom saber tournament and continues to do so.

We absolutely love their enthusiasm and are absolutely honoured to be able to work together with them. 

Pach Store's Dueling hilts such as the Shiva($39), Maverick & ErgoFlex ($89) sabers are built out of one piece of aluminum bringing it's durability level to an all time high. Shiva custom saber offers a easy swap solution for our high powered 18650 batteries meaning you can keep going at competitions without having to stop for a charge. 

Our Affordable Dueling Sabers make a incredible entry level custom saber affordable to everyone, TSL members will also be happy to know that discount codes are available via your Charter Rep. 

For more information on TSL and how to join them, click on the link below


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