COVID-19 Shipping Update 7 APR 2020 - RECENT

COVID-19 Shipping Update 7 APR 2020 - RECENT

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are all staying safe - we are taking all the necessary precautions with your packages and our staff so rest assured when purchasing.

The good news is that we are back and open 100% but we also wanted to update everyone on how the pandemic has affected shipping.

How does this affect you?

Airlines all around the world are operating on a reduced capacity, with some at a quarter capacity. Postal services are being closed or have heavy restrictions imposed on them by the government.
Therefore please expect delays for shipping, although we are still shipping them out as per the shipping timeline the packages are stuck at the airports queuing to get on the plane as medical stock now has priority daily before regular packages have some space allocated for them.
It is possible you will receive a tracking email and still see it pending for a week or so before it is finally able to hop on that flight to you.

Economy shipping will take up till 30-40 working days. Upgrades to DHL are possible, contact us via the FB PM function. 

We are working closely with DHL Express to get these sabers and collectables out to you asap if possible but there are some products that can only wait until the postal services resume.

Shipping costs have also increased by almost 50% BUT we are absorbing the costs for now.

Some of you might be frustrated at the delays due to the pandemic but unfortunately this scale is completely out of our hands, I seek your understanding and please, please do not threaten our Customer Service team.

We have received some very nasty messages over the past week and while it is part and parcel of their job, if you curse and swear at them one more time, I will block you.

That aside we are really thankful for the support from the rest of you! Please stay safe with your family, stay at home, wear masks when you go out and sanitise/wash your hands often.

Feel free to drop us a PM if you have any other enquiries.
Customer Service Team - 

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