Star Wars Code 3 - 1:38 scale Diecast X-Wing


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Grab your hands on this X-Wing fast! Limited stocks only!

This 1:38 scale replica of Luke Skywalker's X-wing Starfighter is a precision piece of die cast metal. It does not have the case and base. Each detail was hand sculpted to capture each feature of this unique vessel. Measures 13 inches x 11.5 inches. The X-wing has been brought to life by Code 3 Collectibles sculptors who meticulously recreated every detail of this legendary Star Wars vehicle.

This incredible die cast model of the X-wing has 7 movable parts, and removable panels that expose the cockpit, hyperdrive and engine of this powerful ship. Included with your model is a removable R2-D2 unit as seen in the Star Wars sagas.

The X-wing practically takes to flight with opening and closing wings allowing you to display it in attack mode or flight mode. Its wing span is over 11� and the model itself is 1/38 scale. The X-wing is replicated after the models used in the filming of Episode IV: A New Hope. Along with your model of the X-wing you will also receive a accessories pack.

No Star Wars collection will be complete without this exquisite model of Luke Skywalker's X-wing Starfighter

Please note this listing does not include its original packaging box or any documents, only the following are included:

- Code 3 1:38 X-Wing

- Accessory pack

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