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WonderForce Tenryu Custom Katana Saber

WonderForce Tenryu Custom Katana Saber

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Samurai Wrap

 This Saber is currently on a PRE ORDER STATUS for release in  JUNE - JULY  2023.

Please contact our Customer Service team at if you need more info.

Watch the Demo Video! 

Wonderforce's latest custom saber the Tenryu features a black and silver grenade grip topped with a Tsuba Emitter. An incredibly streamlined saber wrapped in a modern Tsuka Ito wrap with faux stingray skin provides an incredible grip while looking really good. Feels just like using a Katana, the exquisite grip, the 14" length of the hilt. 


Like our best sellers Maverick and Ergoflex, they share the same Standard electronics offering the basic affordable color changing, 3 soundfonts and a mute function. Inhilt recharge port

Available in 4 Hilt options

1) Empty Hilt only, no electronics or blade

2) Standard Hilt

3) Raging Red Samurai  Wrap

4) Ninja Black Samurai Wrap 

5) Fall Gold Samurai Wrap 

6) Kimetsu Variant - Pick Asteria v2.5 followed by Dance of the Fire God.

Available in 2 installations
1) Standard installation Features the following electronics:

9W LED RGB Color changing LED

6061 Aluminum hilt

2W 8ohm speakers, 3 Soundfont and mute function

Hum, swings, lockup, clash soundfonts

Mounted Chassis to reduce damage to internals during dueling

18650 Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery with protection board (Charge with 5V 1A ONLY) approx 1-1.5 hrs use time

USB Inhilt recharge port (Charge with 5V 1A ONLY)

Fits only 1" Mid grade polycarbonate Blade, a 1" x 36"  blade is included

Hilt measures 14 inches long

Great beginners starter lightsaber for intense dueling!

2) Asteria V2.5 + pixel Blade


-PIXEL RGB Color changing 1"x 36" Removable blade included

- All effects shown in videos are included, Blaster block, Flash on Clash, Tip Drag, Color change on the go etc

- 12 Preset banks, can be extended to 16 banks total

- 9 Blade styles, 5 blade effects and 4 power up effects. Total of 180 combinations.

- Li On Battery NCR 18650BD 3200 MAH 3.6/7v 10A REMOVABLE

- 2W Speakers

- Installed with the Asteria supports customization of sounds and smoothswing

- Accepts Open Source fonts, in specific 22050Hz 16 Bit Single Track Windows Standard PCM WAV

- Proprietary Removable Chassis (Hilt must be opened up to remove it, 2 min process)


This Saber is currently on a PRE ORDER STATUS for release in  JUNE - JULY 2023.

When do we deliver?
On release, the sabers will ship in approximately 7-14 working days and shipping will take 7-10 days international. Ships worldwide with tracking

*23/6 UK warehouse is currently suspended, will resume in 3 weeks. Please expect delays for UK orders.


* Please note that batteries have to be recharged every month even if unused, if empty and stored in a extremely hot or freezing place they will no longer be able to take a charge thereafter. Repairs are free but customers will have to cover shipping incase of such problems.

* Store product in a cool area and use only a 5v 1A adapter, no smart chargers. Do not charge overnight, leave in charger for a maximum of 4-5 hours.

* Can we fight with it? Yes you can! They can withstand mid strength duels, two handed swings but not baseball 100km swings. If you want harder dueling, upgrade to a heavy grade blade here

*There is a limited warranty for this item, but if item received is damaged please reach out to us within 5 WORKING DAYS.
All sabers to be charged with USB 5v 1A only (NO SMART CHARGERS), if the saber shorts due to misuse - any warranty's will be charged a nominal fee.

*All sabers are hand finished and small blemishes or mounting marks might be present. Please understand before purchasing. There are minor clamp marks on the hilt as that is the only way we can make a very strong hilt with the emitter and body together. 

Saber Manual

Store Policy T&C applies.

Non Refundable Deposit forfeited if cancelled before release.

By purchasing this item, you agree to the following purchase conditions:
Please read before completing the order.

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