PRE ORDER: AutoKing Mk5 Iron Helmet - Movie Prop Replica


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Update 6 DEC - Factory has failed QC for this month again, full batch rejected. Still in production. 

UPDATE 6 NOV - Next batch just came in, invoices gone out and some rejected again. Will continue to send invoices as they pass QC. Thank you for your patience. 

UPDATE 22OCT - We finished checking the helmets from mid Oct and there is only a HANDFUL that passed QC. Remainder have been rejected, handful of invoices will go out this weekend but if you do not receive one - please wait for the next batch. They should get better very quickly, it will take another 3 weeks for the next batch to be ready but will reach out as soon as possible.

UPDATE 28SEP - As we will receive them in October, the refund window will close end of Sep as mentioned previously. Invoices will be sent out 2nd week of Oct and we will ship according to order number. 

UPDATE 28AUG- We received a small number of helmets for QC, there are issues with certain parts and packaging needs to be improved. Rejected back to Factory. Will be improved and resent to us for QC Sep end to mid October, first week October is public holiday week. 

Beginning 1st Sep, we will open up refund requests up till the last day of September. Please contact the Customer Service team with your Order number, email used when ordering and request for a refund of your order. 
All refunds will be processed within 3-5 working days. 

Feel free to contact our Customer Service team for any other queries: 

Quick First Look


Custom Made MK 5 Iron Helmet - Movie Prop Replica

This is a Custom Made to Order Movie Replica Prop 1:1, watch the review!

- Movie realistic Paint app

- Electronic opening and closing function

- Fully assembled

- Cosplay Prop Replica, wearable!



1) Deposit only

2) Full payment excluding shipping

Shipping will be invoiced when product is in hand, estimate $50-60 for US/UK


On release, We ship worldwide 7-10 working days with Tracking, 2-3 working days for processing if in stock. Buy with confidence! 

 3) Ready in stock TBA

*Please note the following:

*Due to the handfinished nature of the product, scratches/blemishes/imperfections can appear on the prop and are non exchangeable. 

*Shipping prices are for 1 PIECE only, additionals quantity requires a additional surcharge payable via invoice.

Store policy applies, NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of 50 USD if cancelled. 


By purchasing this item, you agree to the following purchase conditions:
Please read before completing the order.

All purchases and shipping excludes taxes if any

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