WF Hiryu - RGB Saber


  • $169.00 USD

Wonderforce latest model the Hiryu. The rising dragon strikes fast and hot in times of need, showcasing a thin neck it can enclose itself in an armor with the shroud during battles.

The RGB Inhilt LED enables all diodes to fully produce a full 16 color spectrum of your choice to your blades. Battle ready, it will ignite with a Flash on Clash.

This saber is built like a armadillo with its thin neck and armored shroud. It can be protected in times of need. Also featuring a reclined grip area - this provides the option for users who love leather grips.

 All sabers come with a pearl white diffused mid-grade blade, for heavy dueling please opt to purchase a heavy grade blade.


  • Sound -2W 8Ohm Speakers with 3 Fonts and a Mute function, fonts by KSith
  • USB Inhilt Charging port
  • RGB Inhilt LED with 12W Brightness
  • 18650 Lion Rechargeable Battery 
  • Lightup AV Switch
  • Total length: 110 cm
  • DIY Leather wrap kit to be purchased seperately

When do we deliver?
The sabers take approximately 2 weeks to complete and shipping will take 10-14 days international. Ships worldwide with tracking

All sabers to be charged with 5v 1A only (Do not use smart chargers), if the saber shorts due to misuse - any warranty's will be charged a nominal fee.

 Please note Chinese New Year Holiday - items not shipped before the 10th will resume on the 1st of March. 

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